Immediately following Wiehlertag 2015 the Poland Trip started from Koppelsberg, led by Frank Wiehler (W.C. , accompanied by 31 members of the Wiehler Family, searching the traces of Wiehler Family in her former areas in Poland.

We travelled by bus to Gdansk and Elblag, visitted Marienburg Castle, origin and beginning of the Teutonic Order of Knights.

We became more familiar with our history of the family by visitting the former homelands and houses around Elblag and Gronovo. We took advantage of tracing our ancestors, feeling their living and working conditions, the wonderful landscape of the delta of the River of Vistula.

Only two participants of our journey 2015 were born in West Prussia, all others were interested in their roots, may be comparing today ́s reality with the stories of their parents. The present inhabitants of West Prussia find a relaxed way with „nostalgia tourists“. Coffee and Cakes were served and kind smalltalk was done, we were really welcome and could have a look on their lives.

At the grave of Catharina Wiehler n. Allert, which accasionally was found four years ago at the cemetery of Preußisch Rosegart by Frank Wiehler, genealogic researcher from Freiburg, we laid a wreath and celebrated a prayer. The tomb stone was destroyed like many others of the former german residents. Frank Wiehler started its repare work and reconstruction. The present catholic priest sent friendly regards because of his work-related absence.

Our trip allowed us besides the encounter with the past the first acquaintance with Poland of today. We visitted the wonderful landscape of Mazuria, her lakes, forests and heathlands, we had a coach- and canoe-tour on the idyllic river Krutyna, we visitted a former country house of Marion Gräfin Döhnhoff and the birthplace of Ernst Wiechert in „ Johannisburger Heide“.

Our travel campanions were Mario, bus driver and first support for any of our wishes for coffee, cakes, soup, sausages, break,..., and Ivona, very excellent tour guide. She presented quite a lot of details of the present polish way of living and social and political correlations. It was joyful listening to her.

Last but not least: the talks between us, all members of the Wiehler Family, changing our seats, finding very interesting dialogue partners, exchanging experiences, invitations to Canada, USA or Germany, shorten the distance, we have in our daily lives, - we all enjoyed the marvellous Poland Trip.



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